Custom Illustrated Estate Maps 

Private residence, Farm, Vineyard, Business...

The Process


A face to face chat is the essential first step in the creation of your custom map. 

Your approach to life, sensibility and unique style is intimately bound into the environment you created.


Up to three visits allow sufficient information on the property to be collected-- Topography, Relative slope, Scale of house to land. 
Walking tours  provide clues to  special characteristics and characters: pets and wildlife, that live on the property.


The shape of the property determines the composition and dimensions of the final map.

As many hand-drawn sketches as necessary will be created in order to construct a cohesive view. Photos will capture details that are not possible with sketches. 


Reference material such as property maps or arial-view photos of the land and surrounding environs enrich the map with accuracy. Software such as Google maps and Google Earth is used to grasp the location and positioning of the property in relation to landmarks in the vicinity and beyond.


A rough map will be presented for edits, comments and suggestions. Missing information, labels, or personal details that relate to the depicted scenes can be added to the map at this point. 

This is the window for any changes to be made.


The shape of the property, location of buildings and structures determine  the space available to feature favorite spots: trees, rocks, streams, or nearby landmarks.

Final Touches

Color is added to the ink lines.


The completed map is delivered flat, in person, or rolled in a tube, by UPS, insured.

100 Aker Wood, Dutton publishing
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Map of Regenerative Farm. Tourist map for families with children.
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Ranch map (In progress), Carmel Valley, CA

Map of Croton on Hudson

Work in progress, map of private estate

Map of private estate, (screened for privacy)

Map of Private Estate, Westchester, NY

Map of Bedford
Sold at auction, May 2023

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Map of the Hudson Highlands
Garrison Art Center Auction
May 2023

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Recent Work

Paintings, murals, illustrations